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We take pride in the work we do and the results we achieve for our clients. Take a look at some of our success stories below to see how we’ve helped businesses like yours achieve their goals.

Therapeutic Views

About the Client: Precious Watkins is the founder of Therapeutic Views. As a writer, coach, and speaker, she sought to create a website that would showcase her programs and facilitate the re-release of her books through an excellent distribution channel.


The Challenge: Precious Watkins needed a website to share her programs. She also wanted to re-release her books through major distributors like Amazon and Target. Additionally, she planned to offer publishing packages similar to her competitors and set up a page where people could join a waitlist for her upcoming book releases.


The Solution: We quickly developed a user-friendly website for Precious Watkins that looks great on both phones and computers. Simultaneously, we assisted her in partnering with a major distributor, enabling her books to reach over 38,000 booksellers, including Amazon, Target, and Barnes & Noble. We created publishing packages tailored to her needs, inspired by her competition. Additionally, we added a special page where people could join a waitlist to be the first to know about her new book releases.


The Result: In just five days, Precious Watkins had a fantastic website to showcase her programs. Her books were also prepared for printing. With her website live and her books ready to go, Precious was poised to reach a wide audience with her inspiring ideas. Additionally, the book waitlist page allowed her fans to stay updated on her latest releases.

H&Z Diamond Centre

Client Story: H&Z Diamond Centre is a family-owned jewelry shop in Ancaster, ON. They aspire to become the leading jewelry store in Ancaster and Hamilton.


The Challenge: Despite being a great shop, H&Z Diamond Centre faced several challenges. Their Wix-made website wasn’t attracting much attention, and their SEO efforts yielded little improvement. They had only 38 reviews and shared very little on social media.


What We Did: We helped H&Z Diamond Centre in several ways. First, we improved their website by moving it to WordPress and optimizing it for search engines. We also assisted them in increasing their online reviews, boosting the total to around 199. Additionally, we ran ads on Facebook and Google to attract more customers. We planned weekly updates for their Google business page and posted daily on social media to maintain interest.


The Result: Thanks to our assistance, H&Z Diamond Centre quickly became the leading jewelry shop in Ancaster. They are also thriving in Hamilton, particularly with Google ads.

Jordan Ovejas

Client Background: Jordan Ovejas serves as the marketing director for Keystone Capital Partners. He wanted a landing page to share his story and expertise with the world, but he needed it done in just three days.


The Challenge: Jordan faced a tight deadline to get his landing page up and running. He needed it to reflect his personality and expertise accurately.


The Solution: We sprang into action after our discovery call with Jordan. Together, we planned out how his landing page would look and feel. Jordan quickly picked a design he loved from our initial presentation. We then worked closely with him to capture his story and create content that flowed seamlessly on the landing page. Additionally, we set up a lead capture funnel to automate the process of welcoming and nurturing potential leads.


The Outcome: In just three days, Jordan had a stunning landing page that showcased his story and expertise perfectly. With the lead capture funnel in place, he could effortlessly connect with potential clients and nurture them through the journey.

Kustomized Kurbing and Discount Rock

Client Background: Kustomized Kurbing and Discount Rock is a landscape curbing company owned by natives in Port Charlotte, FL. Their aim is to attract more customers and close more deals.


The Challenge: Despite being a great company, Kustomized Kurbing and Discount Rock faced challenges. They only had around 40 reviews, and their website wasn’t easy to find on search engines.


The Solution: We had a plan to help them. First, we worked on improving their website to make it easier for people to find. Then, we ran a local SEO campaign to make sure they showed up when people searched for their services in Port Charlotte. We also used Vbout to capture and take care of leads, so when people clicked on their Google ads, they could easily ask for quotes.


The Outcome: Our efforts paid off. We redesigned their website to match their style preferences. Now, they get 2-3 leads asking for quotes every day. With our help, Kustomized Kurbing and Discount Rock are on their way to even more success.

Networks Barber College

Client Background: Networks Barber College is a local school that trains people to become barbers. They’ve helped many students start their careers in barbering and earn a good living.


The Challenge: Despite Networks Barber College’s success, they sought assistance. They aimed to attract more students to their school and required help with administrative tasks and social media content.


The Solution: We devised a plan to assist Networks Barber College. Initially, we initiated an online campaign to garner more reviews on Google, enhancing their reputation and drawing more students. We assigned a team member to book the school for career fairs in the vicinity. Furthermore, we crafted engaging social media content, such as videos and images, to highlight the school. Lastly, we revamped their website homepage to provide a modern appearance, presenting several options for their consideration.


The Outcome: Thanks to our efforts, Networks Barber College is now flourishing as a leading barber school in Calumet. They have more students than ever before, and their online reputation has seen significant improvement. 

The Divine Aesthetics and Wellness Center

Client Background: The Divine Aesthetics and Wellness Center needed a website for their business. They wanted it to be easy to find online and connected to their scheduling software.


The Challenge: The challenge was to create a website that matched their vision and linked smoothly to their scheduling software.


The Solution: We listened carefully to their needs and built a website that met their requirements. We made sure it was optimized for search engines and linked seamlessly to their scheduling software.


The Outcome: After launching their new website, Divine Aesthetics and Wellness Center saw an increase in online visibility. They were happy with the results and even referred new clients to us.

HV Simene

Client Background: HV Simene is a successful sales director at AIA Philippines. She wanted a website to display her achievements, her network, and attract more financial advisors to join her team.


The Challenge: HV Simene needed a website to highlight her accomplishments and expand her team of financial advisors.


The Solution: We created a website for HV Simene that showcased her achievements and network. It was designed to attract potential financial advisors to join her team.


The Outcome: Since launching her website, HV Simene has seen a significant increase in the number of financial advisors joining her team.

Positivity Tribe

Client Background: Positivity Tribe is a new blog site launched by our client. They wanted a landing page within five days, with a lead capture feature to gather more subscribers.


The Challenge: The challenge was to create a landing page quickly, with a focus on capturing leads for future community growth.


The Solution: We suggested building the website using WordPress and connecting it to a funnel system. This allowed for easy collection of subscriber information, paving the way for potential community members. Within just four days, we delivered the website, complete with a customized blog post layout, enabling the client to start publishing blogs immediately. Additionally, we set up a custom form connected to a funnel to streamline the subscriber collection process. Moreover, we ensured that the email sending credentials, including SPF, DKIM, and MX records, were properly set up to enhance email deliverability.


The Outcome: With our help, Positivity Tribe was able to launch their blog site swiftly and effectively. The lead capture feature ensured a steady flow of subscribers, laying the foundation for future community growth.

A Magnificent Obsession

Client Background: A Magnificent Obsession is a podcast owned by Jordan Ovejas. It features people who are passionate about their pursuits and are building wealth or legacies.


The Challenge: Jordan Ovejas wanted to launch his podcast quickly. He also needed a fresh look and theme for his show.


The Solution: We redesigned Jordan’s YouTube channel to give it a new and attractive look. Additionally, we helped him launch the first three episodes of his podcast. We also scheduled guests for his podcast over the next three months to ensure a consistent flow of content.


The Outcome: With our help, Jordan successfully launched his podcast and attracted an audience. By booking guests in advance, he ensured a steady stream of episodes for his listeners. His calendar is currently filled from 05/24/2024 until 12/15/2024.

The Ballroom Bowl

Client Background: The Ballroom is a vibrant entertainment venue located in the heart of the city. Offering a unique blend of bowling, dining, and nightlife experiences, it has established itself as a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.


The Challenge: When The Ballroom approached us, they faced several challenges. While their website was functional, they felt it needed a slight redesign to better reflect their brand identity and improve user experience. Additionally, they wanted to enhance their bowling reservations and ensure timely responses to incoming inquiries, including calls, SMS, and bookings.


The Solution: To address The Ballroom’s needs, we devised a comprehensive plan. First, we worked on fine-tuning their website to enhance its aesthetics and usability without straying from its familiar layout. Our goal was to create a seamless online experience that would resonate with their target audience and encourage more bookings.


Recognizing the importance of timely communication, we profiled and hired guest managers dedicated to handling incoming calls, SMS, and booking inquiries. These managers were trained to provide exceptional customer service while efficiently managing reservations and addressing customer queries.


The Outcome: The implementation of our solutions yielded impressive results for The Ballroom. The website redesign garnered positive feedback from visitors, resulting in increased engagement and higher conversion rates for bowling reservations. By ensuring prompt responses to incoming inquiries, The Ballroom was able to enhance customer satisfaction and foster stronger relationships with their clientele.

JPs Moving Services

Client Background: JPs Moving Services is a reputable moving company based in Edmonton, Alberta. With years of experience in the industry, they have earned a solid reputation for providing reliable and efficient moving services to both residential and commercial clients.


The Challenge: When JPs Moving Services approached us, they had set ambitious goals to further enhance their online reputation and marketing efforts. Specifically, they aimed to increase their Google reviews from 90 to over 100 and produce a compelling promotional video to showcase their services and expertise.


The Solution: To address JPs Moving Services’ goals, we devised a multifaceted strategy. Firstly, we implemented an online reputation management software to streamline the process of soliciting and managing customer reviews. This software allowed us to systematically gather feedback from satisfied clients and encourage them to leave positive reviews on Google, thereby boosting the company’s online reputation.


Additionally, we recognized the importance of visual content in marketing and branding. To fulfill their need for a promotional video, we arranged for a professional video shoot to capture the essence of JPs Moving Services’ business and highlight their unique selling points.


The Outcome: The implementation of our solutions yielded remarkable outcomes for JPs Moving Services. By leveraging the online reputation management software, we successfully increased their Google reviews from 90 to over 140, surpassing their initial target. This surge in positive reviews not only bolstered their credibility and trustworthiness but also helped attract more potential clients.


Furthermore, the promotional video we produced provided a visually engaging platform for JPs Moving Services to showcase their services and expertise. This video served as a powerful marketing tool, allowing them to stand out in a competitive market and effectively communicate their value proposition to potential clients.


Looking ahead, we scheduled Brad, the owner of JPs Moving Services, for a podcast interview in June 2024. This interview will provide an opportunity to showcase their unique selling proposition, highlight their past successful projects, and articulate why companies and families should choose JPs Moving Services for their moving needs.

Client X:

Client Background: Client X is a prominent trash can cleaning provider based in Florida. With a commitment to delivering high-quality services and exceptional customer satisfaction, they have established a strong presence in the local market.

The Challenge: Despite their success, Client X faced challenges in dominating the local search landscape. With fierce competition in the industry, they needed to enhance their local SEO efforts to increase visibility and attract more customers. Their goal was to become the top choice for trash can cleaning services in their target cities.

The Solution: To address Client X’s challenge, we devised a comprehensive local SEO strategy tailored to their specific goals and objectives. Using the OGSM (Objectives, Goals, Strategies, Measures) framework, we outlined a plan to elevate their online presence and dominate local search results.

Our strategy included:

  1. Assessing local presence using tools like Local Falcon to identify areas for improvement.

  2. Implementing an online reputation campaign to increase positive reviews and enhance credibility.

  3. Optimizing their Google Business Profile with relevant keywords, images, and updated information.

  4. Building citations on authoritative local directories to improve visibility and credibility.

  5. Leveraging guest posting opportunities on relevant websites to increase backlinks and domain authority.

The Outcome: The implementation of our local SEO strategy yielded significant results for Client X. Within a relatively short period, they were able to dominate local search results in two major cities, solidifying their position as the go-to choice for trash can cleaning services.


Furthermore, by optimizing their Google Ads campaigns, we achieved an impressive Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of over 300%, effectively maximizing their advertising budget and driving significant revenue.

As a result of our efforts, Client X is now well-positioned to achieve their long-term goal of becoming the second largest trash can cleaning provider in the entire country by 2025. Our ongoing partnership and strategic guidance continue to drive growth and success for Client X as they expand their reach and establish themselves as industry leaders on a national scale.

1912 State Street Consulting

Client Background: 1912 State Street Consulting is a property consulting firm based in Richton Park, IL, specializing in investments in single and multifamily properties in the South Suburbs area. With a focus on providing expert guidance and support to clients seeking to navigate the real estate market, they have established themselves as trusted advisors in their field.


The Challenge: When 1912 State Street Consulting approached us, they faced the challenge of establishing a strong online presence and creating cohesive promotional materials to showcase their services effectively. They required assistance with setting up their social media profiles, designing promotional materials such as brochures, retractable banners, and business cards, and developing a static website that aligned with their brand identity and vision.


The Solution: To address 1912 State Street Consulting’s needs, we devised a comprehensive solution tailored to their requirements and timeline. We began by collaborating closely with the client to understand their desired look and feel for their branding materials and website. With this information in mind, our team swiftly got to work, leveraging our expertise in design and digital marketing to create impactful social media profiles and promotional materials.

For the static website design, we focused on delivering a clean and professional layout that effectively showcased 1912 State Street Consulting’s services and expertise. Within 10 days, we delivered the initial draft of the website along with compelling content that resonated with the client’s target audience.


The Outcome: The outcome of our collaboration with 1912 State Street Consulting has been highly successful. Within the tight deadline of 10 days, we were able to deliver the initial draft of the website and promotional materials, meeting the client’s expectations for quality and execution. Currently, we are in the process of completing the remaining revisions to ensure that every aspect of the project aligns with the client’s vision.


Additionally, part of the outcome is our commitment to assisting the client in setting up her other business. By leveraging our expertise and resources, we aim to support 1912 State Street Consulting in achieving success in their ventures beyond the initial project scope. With our ongoing collaboration and strategic guidance, the client is poised for continued growth and prosperity in both of her business endeavors.


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